How It Works

The QCAB® Way

You provide us the dimensions for the inside of your cab, pick from one of our standard products, or we help you design an interior. We provide you a detailed mock-up of the interior. Our product is delivered, and goes together as follows:

This can be either reveals or full wall laminate depending on design. It will be to size based upon the dimension you have given us, it is simply screwed to the wall.

This is attached by snapping in one end with two attach points and then swung up to lock the other end into two attach points. There is no need to have a full crew on site to hold the ceiling in place to bolt it in.

If the cab is a wall panel design, wall panel clips are mounted on the substrate and on the panels and panels are easily put into place on the wall.

If the cab is a wood trim model, the substrate is pre-marked so that the wood trimming is placed into positon quickly and easily.