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Wall Panels

Q7: The Q7 is budget friendly design featuring seven wall panels trimmed with mitered stainless or aluminum frames. Stainless steel finished reveals, base, handrails provide everything you require within budget.

Q12: The Q12 is the most popular QCAB® model. Its horizontal panel design offers a more contemporary look. A fusion of beauty and simplicity, the Q12 pairs well with many architectural styles.

Q14: The clean look of large vertical panels with aluminum accent lines adds visual interest to cab interior and gives the Q14 a modern flare.

Q36: The Q36 demonstrates the ability to combine vertical and horizontal lines with an interesting combination of colors to form to achieve a unique design.

Custom Wood Series

M6: Six hardwood frames adorn this traditional cab interior. The M6 offers the luxurious feel of wood but the durability of plastic laminate. Accent reveals and kick base is provided in your choice of laminate, stainless steel, or bronze.

M10: The M10 is a classic cab interior featuring ten hardwood frames separated by a stainless steel handrail bar for added aesthetic beauty. The M10 is the most popular model in our wood panel series and is a great choice for those seeking a more traditional look.

M14: The M14 comes complete with fourteen solid wood moldings frames on all non-access walls and comes with optional mirror inserts. Solid wood crown moldings stained to match the wall frames and laminate panels finish off this traditional elevator interior.

Ceiling Light Panels

Our elevator lights and elevator cab ceiling panels come in a variety of beautiful styles that harmonize with spaces and design features of every kind. Our elevator ceilings and elevator lights designers strive to produce quality products with modern styling to improve the look and feel of outdated elevators with ease. 

We ensure that every elevator ceiling panel and elevator light order meets our highest standards of quality and is precisely built to exact dimensions. Once you send us your elevator dimensions and style preferences, our team will get to work immediately. With lead times averaging 3 weeks or less for most renovations, our service is the fastest and most affordable in the industry.