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Custom Made Elevator Ceiling Light Panels

Our elevator lights and elevator cab ceiling panels come in a variety of beautiful styles that harmonize with spaces and design features of every kind. Our elevator ceilings and elevator lights designers strive to produce quality products with modern styling to improve the look and feel of outdated elevators with ease. 

We ensure that every elevator ceiling panel and elevator light order meets our highest standards of quality and is precisely built to exact dimensions. Once you send us your elevator dimensions and style preferences, our team will get to work immediately. With lead times averaging 3 weeks or less for most renovations, our service is the fastest and most affordable in the industry. 

TFrame elevator ceiling panels

Best Elevator Ceiling Light Panels

At QCAB® Custom Elevator Cabs, we design specialty elevator lights and elevator ceiling panels that feature modern styling for brighter spaces with uplifted energy. Our custom elevator interior designers have carefully selected designs that are functional, elegant, and work seamlessly with a variety of unique building styles and architecture. 

All of our elevator ceilings and elevator light panels are easy to install. When you order a brand new set of elevator lights from our team, you can expect responsive shipping times and meticulous quality. Straight out of the box, our elevator lighting packages and elevator ceiling panels are ready for installation. We include detailed installation instructions with every elevator light panel shipment that can be safely installed by any certified elevator technician. 

What Kinds of Ceiling Lights Do We Sell?

  • Downlighting
  • Molding Downlighting
  • Aluminum T-Frame
  • & More
All of our elevator ceilings and elevator light panels are produced within our manufacturing facility. Unlike other manufacturers that rely on outsourcing, our expert fabricators carefully craft each set of elevator cab ceiling panels, allowing us to provide quality and value to your project every time.

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Elevator ceilings can be standard or custom-made for your elevator upgrade. A modern lighting system must meet the code requirements for your specific area. In addition, today’s options in lighting and illumination can be difficult to master. Our design team is standing by to offer professional advice on your new elevator ceiling design. Everything from matching the decor of the walls to securing permits for the work, our expert crew will walk you through the best type of lighting for your space. The right elevator ceilings and lighting can make a huge difference in your space’s appearance. Ask for a design survey that will fit the type and design of your new elevator today.

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