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Upgrade Your Elevator Interior With Flat or Round Handrails

New elevator constructions, modernized remodels, and every elevator in-between look better with the perfect selection of elevator handrails from QCAB®. 

Personally developed by our in-house design team, we sought to create an accommodating selection of custom elevator handrails that harmonize with a variety of interior themes. Available in both polished steel and brass, our flat and round handrails work wonderfully with wood interiors, modern panel systems, and naturally promote an undertone of professionalism and luxury throughout any business. 

Types of Handrails We Offer: 

  • Steel & Brass Round Handrails

  • Steel & Brass Flat Handrails 

  • & More

Elevator Handrails

We Manufacture Top-Quality Elevator Cab Handrails

Equally as important as the design characteristics involved with your new build or renovation, the quality of the materials, ease of installation, and structural integrity are the focus of our development processes at QCAB®. Our sturdy steel and brass elevator handrails naturally resist corrosion and rust, are easily maintained for consistent clarity and feature rugged mounting systems to prevent loose fittings or unsafe elevator handrails from undermining passenger comfort or safety.

As the exclusive elevator cab handrail manufacturers, we build our elevator handrails to your precise dimensions and preferred aesthetic. With our scalable production capacity, we can construct elevator cab handrails for multiple elevators, assist with the entire planning process to develop a business-specific style, and offer the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Our elevator handrails arrive with all necessary hardware, detailed installation instructions, and proactively prevent elevator downtime with the easiest to install components. 

Perfectly measured and ready to mount with any variety of elevator wall panels, we hope to provide your company with a professional aesthetic that is brighter, functional and welcoming. As your elevator cab handrail production partner, you’ll be informed throughout the entire development process and have direct access to helpful design services, such as: 

Our Commitment to Quality at QCAB®

Whether your company requires a single elevator handrail installation, or you would like to develop a professional theme throughout your entire company, our dedication to quality craftsmanship and expert guidance is the same. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our products, our elevator experts are glad to assist. 

Our immersive 3D QCAB® builder is a valuable planning tool that simplifies complex architectural design. Easily pair our polished flat handrails with an exclusive wood finish, or select the perfect round handrails to complement your modern and reimagined office space.

Coordinate an interior elevator theme across multiple elevators or buildings. We work personally with our partners to establish unified styles that represent your brand with luxury.

Our elevator handrails are designed to last for years of use, but even the toughest of flat handrails and elevator interiors require intermittent maintenance. During a comprehensive elevator refinishing service, we remove any interior blemishes, polish and brighten your elevator cab handrails, and provide you with a refreshed interior that’s ready to welcome guests.